Orchard Grove Shepherds


I have owned and worked with German Shepherd Dogs since being gifted a brood bitch considered too old to breed from, way back in 1964. Since then I have seldom been without one or more of these magnificent animals.


This includes 15 years spent as a dog handler in the South African Police Force. During that time I not only trained and actively worked with the dogs, but for a number of years was responsible for vetting and selecting dogs which the public wished to donate to the Force.

Shortly after my family and I immigrated to New Zealand at the end of 2004, I happened upon the web-site of the White Shepherd Dog Club of New Zealand, saw photos of a litter of pups (and their mom) down in Putaruru, and that was me hooked.

With the arrival of our first white Shepherd, Steph's interest in these lovely dogs grew and she became more actively involved, joined a club and trained Taska in obedience.


In the middle of 2010 we were fortunate to be able to purchase a small lifestyle section and hence the start of Orchard Grove Shepherds and my life-long dream to breed with them.

Until now, all my Shepherds have been "coloured" dogs, I have never been able to comprehend the bias shown towards the whites by so-called German Shepherd Dog breeders and various Kennel Clubs, and it is my hope that Steph and I shall in some way be able to contribute towards not only the improvement of these beautiful dogs by careful, selective breeding, but shall also see them receive the recognition that they deserve as full-blooded members of this wonderful breed.