Sovereign Park Jackpot aka Zulu

Sovereign Park Jackpot


Zulu is a beautiful long-coat, with the sweetest nature one could wish for. He is totally laid back and loves his hugs and kisses. He has accompanied us to a number of pet expos, where he has been the star of the show. Children of all ages have thrown their arms around him, hugged him and laid on him and he takes it all in his stride. We are expecting to breed lovely puppies from him in years to come.

This beautiful boy has now been neutered and is no longer available for breeding other than via A/I as we have frozen semen in storage.


Whelped: 28 November 2011.

Registration: NZ 169  / Aust. 1413

WSDCNZ registered as a stud dog.


DM: Carrier

MDR1: Normal

Von Willebrand's Disease: Normal

HD: 3/8

ED: 0/0


Many thanks to Karin Scholz of Sovereign Park, Australia for this magnificent boy.

Zulu has now been neutered, but there is frozen semen available to those who are interested.